the photographer...

I am delighted you stopped by for a visit,
my name is Sarah Hubbard.
I live in Bend Oregon where I am oh so happily married with two beautiful baby girls, 
Elsie and Beatrice-Louise. We are the proud owners of a
Great Dane named Henry 
(I am glad he can not read, pretty sure he would
think he should be #1 on this list!).

Things I know:
It is never too early for ice cream,
it is never too late for coffee and
there is definitely and an app for that.

Things you should know:
I took my first paying job the summer of 2002.
It was a wedding I shot in film,
talk about diving in head first.
Since then I have stepped into the digital age.
I now capture photographs of babies, seniors, families and events. I love to use natural light.
I am lucky live and work near so many beautiful locations in Bend, Corbett and Portland Oregon.


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